Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How long do orders take to arrive?

    • For stickers, it takes us approximately 1-2 days to create them, on top of the shipping option you selected at checkout.


    • For resin prints, it takes us approximately 2-5 days to create them, on top of the shipping method you selected at checkout.


    • One thing to note; if you order both a resin print, and stickers, it will take the duration of the resin print, as we woukd likely ship out the two products together.
  • Do you guys take on custom orders ?

    Yes we do ! Please check out our Contact Page for more info ! We may not be able to fulfill all requests, but we will do our best ! Do keep in mind it does cost quite a bit more, since we'd be using a lot of our resin to make a custom color, and our time working on a new model, but we hope to ensure the best result possible!

    We reserve the right to refuse the request regardless the amount of money.
    We will not ask for your money prior to discussing first. After will be in installments, based on how well you like the custom piece coming along.

  • I've received a faulty product. What should I do?

    Please reach out to us via email/our contact form! Based on the circumstance, we can either offer you a refund or a replacement. Do keep in mind a refund or replacement is NOT necessarily guaranteed.

  • Can the keycaps be used on any keyboard?

    Yes! We do have custom keycaps, sized by us, but they should be able to be used on any standard mechanical keyboard. Though keep in mind it is still resin, if you would like to remove one of our keycaps, we highly suggest using a keycap puller.

  • Who designs the products ?

    Alexis has done a lot of the 3d modelling, and prototyping side, while Ed did a lot on the sticker sheet side and web design.

    Though occasionally all three of us do work and design on said products.

  • Can I change the switches on my fidget ?

    Yes ! You can ! If you find yourself not liking the switches you chose, or if one eventually breaks on you, our key fidget design allows you to change what kind of switches they have! All you need is a switch puller !

    Ed - For me personally I like using my Akko Crystal Blue Switches on my personal key fidget.