About Us

We began as three friends who met eachother through our shared love of the arts, more particularly dance, and eventually became both good friends and roommates. We began going to a ton of conventions, namely Sacanime, and were inspired to table ourselves. Eventually leading us to finally opening our shop here !

We sought out to create fun, and cute artisan made fidget toys, around tech products we use every day, such as working at our desk on our keyboard, and aim to create relatable and trendy content based on what's popular, but also sharing some of our favorite interests with you.

met : November 2021
ishugo est. : September 2023

The Team

  • Ed

    UCSC class of 2024
    Artist & Game Designer

    - Filipino

    - Sticker Sheet Designer / Creator

    - Hardstuck Plat

    portfolio available upon request

  • Alexis

    UCSC class of 2025
    Artist & Game Designer

    - Chinese-American

    - 3D Artist

    - Avid Webtoon Reader

    portfolio available upon request

  • Em

    UCSC class of 2025
    Artist & Game Designer

    - Japanese Korean White

    - Advisor / Communications

    - Passionate about dance 💃

    portfolio available upon request